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Une trame sonore pour la pièce «Baiseries» de Jean-Philippe Baril Guérard

En collaboration avec le Théâtre du Quartel


released January 29, 2016

Tommy Bureau
Sarahjane Johnston
Simon Tam
Pier-Philippe Thériault

Réalisation: Samuel Wagner et PopLéon
Captation: Samuel Wagner et David Boulet Tremblay
Mixage: David Boulet Tremblay
Mastering: David Lizotte
Musiciens invités (Ambivalence): Emmanuel Richard-Bordon (Trombone), Mathieu Rompré (Batterie) et Michael Savoie (Trompette)
Choristes invités (Ambivalence): Antoine Angers, Marie-Chantale Béland, Catherine Craig, Samuel Wagner
Booking: Boîte Béluga

Conception graphique/pochette: Yann Jobin



all rights reserved


PopLeon Québec

PopLéon est un groupe de Québec qui vous sert un troublant mélange de groove et de mélancolie

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Track Name: New Crown
These feelings aren't filling in the hole
Desire, nature burning out of control
Deep sins to all of us
Delusional like you can never get trust.
But dreamers are getting kind of mean
Fairy tales aren't as fair as they used to seem
The end, no exception to the rule:
Only the cynics ever make it, ever get through

Pull back, just figure it out now
the New Crown, her Majesty's downtown.

Downstream, time's flowing, getting bitter
Put a seal on, let it drown
Put a seal on, start to smother
Never try to cleverly conceal or control it
The cynical won't miss young love
The cynical won't acknowledge a fire burning out of control
The cynical won't miss young love.
Track Name: Toxique astronef
Sur un pas de danse sur sol de terre et d’argile
J’espère t’y voir un bon jour d’avril.
Oh c’est l’amour, laisse faire, ce n’est qu’un vulgaire fruit moche,
Une balle qui ricoche, un cellophane,
Un scellant qui colmate ta silhouette

En émane un air toxicomane
C’est l’emprise des fleurs, des milliers de ronces
Un toxique astronef viendra te chercher.

Do you really really want to board this train?
Do you really really want to be constrained?
Are you really really sure this is your domain?

I don’t want you to leave you on a ship, honestly
I don’t want to breathe, this air is sick.

Dans l’espace, dans l’oubli tu fuis le terrestre
Mais tu as trouvé l’ennui, t’as trouvé le déni.
Ton univers est tout le ciel, mais tu n’voles pas vraiment
de tes propres ailes.

Ton manoir est providentiel,
Ton histoire divine mais rebelle
Sur fond de musique aérienne
tu grooves au son d’une symphonie noire.
Track Name: Sobre et en colère
Space invader getting under my skin
I'm gagging in the kitchen sink.
Did you really think that I'd be letting you in?
I haven't had a drop to drink, no
It's only seven thirty yeah but I'm giving up.
Just down your beer, be on your way.
I'm quiet like the fly that's on the side of your cup
but I bet you know what I want to say.

Waiting in the attic insomni-attic
all set for your arrival thru the panic and the static
I'm sweating thru the chill
I'm screaming thru the calm
I'm killing like a psycho, catching fruit flies in my palm.

So it's on another night
Just do whatever makes you feel good
we know you're always right
No, I don't wanna fight
But I guess that's what you wanna do tonight
So I'll just wait til it's over
You know I'm angry when I'm sober.

Tu cries je chuchote, Je plis tu capotes
Tu peux t’emporter, J’t’invite à déjeuner
J’t’invite à imploser, J’t’invite à t’adapter
J’t’invite à surmonter, J’t’invite à t’effacer

If you’re coming over, need my party face on
So you and me can act a fool.
Only want to see you when I’m already gone
It’s the only way to keep my cool

Signe ici, étend ta bile mon amie
Notre survivance s’effectue en défervescence

Faut bien l’admettre, y’a d’quoi se réjouir d’quoi s’éblouir yo
On fait la fête, ça détone de s’dire qu’y’a plus rien a finir
Qu’on se compromette y’a d’quoi se réjouir d’quoi s’éblouir yo
Parce que la mort c’est qu’un préliminaire, j’en ai rien à faire
Track Name: L'abondance sans la dignité
Loin d’ici
Nos espoirs sont noués
Des lendemains incertains
L’abondance sans la dignité (dans la précarité)

L’abondance nous a trop gâtés
Track Name: Ambivalence
We fly away and assume everyone is to blame
We’re just improvising, we’re kind of holding on
They said you gotta hold on, never said what to hold on to
They said you gotta hold on
Make it up as we go along, it's the best that we can do

It’s all silver in the cellar of my friend Ambivalence
He’s dressed in blue, like the sea, the picture of a true man
I said that with time, I’ll learn my shit and come to grips

(We failed but now we’re holding on, we’re misled)

Life is static, no one wants to confess Ambivalence
We took his home, made it a heaven for all of our crimes
I say that with time, I’ll learn my shit and flee from him

It was before you came along, before too long we just gave in
Let’s say that time isn’t a force to fuckin’ mess with.